David Chadwick

CEO of Carradice and founder of UPSO bags

David Is the CEO of Carradice of Nelson Ltd, an established manufacturer of bicycle and protective luggage and recent winners of the Queens Award for International Trade. A firm believer in the “Made in Britain” ethos, he resisted the temptations of outsourcing everything to the Far East and instead expanded through the retention of staff and experience with slower but sustainable growth.

In 2016 David and his team launched a new brand of backpacks and bags. UPSO bags are all made from recycled truck tarp and firehose - resources that otherwise would have found their way to landfill. The supply chain is deliberately kept as short as possible and solar panels on the roof power part of the factory.

David is a member of the Made In Britain group and a director of Lancashire Enterprises, supporting local SME’s and startups.